Meet The Team

Our extensive knowledge combined with our friendly and experienced Desk Warehouse team ensures you get the best solutions possible for your office. We value our customers and offer every one of them an individual approach and a personalised service. Our small team is made up of dedicated employees, ready to help you find what you are looking for. Key members of staff include:

  • Allister Mulligan
    Allister is a Chartered Accountant who hails from Clogher in Tyrone. His interests include following the worlds best rock and roll band, growing vegetables, collecting vinyl records, vintage advertising, Irish books and Clogher Valley memorabilia.
  • Duncan Lee
    Sales Manager
    Duncan has worked with Desk Warehouse for 16 years after returning from England, with over 40 years in Sales and still learning! He is a long-suffering Nottingham Forest supporter and his eclectic interests include the Middle East, Current Affairs, Languages, Industrial Heritage, Film and Art.
  • Chris Campbell
    Operations Manager
    Chris has worked with Desk Warehouse since 2015. He kicked off his career working as a fitter and progressed to his current position as an Operations Manager. He is a car enthusiast (including car shows and collections), and enjoys watching the latest TV series.
  • Siggy Bubelevicius
    Operations Team
    Native to Lithuania, Siggy has lived in Northern Ireland for 8 years. He joined the Desk Warehouse team 4 years ago, and is now our main furniture installer. In his spare time Siggy is definitely a family man, having two young daughters, and is very fond of a lunch time kebab.
  • Harry Mulligan
    Sales Team
    Harry has worked in multiple sectors of the company, including deliveries, operations and administration, and is now within the sales team. He studied biology at the University of Liverpool, so has a keen interest in nature and wildlife. In his time after work, he plays rugby and supports Arsenal.
  • Stefania Thira
    Administration Team
    Stefania started working with Desk Warehouse as an intern and has now completed 3 years, still learning and growing up with the company. She was born in Romania but moved to Spain, where she lived for 17 years before moving to Belfast. Her hobbies include reading and doing crafts.